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Advising at Kent

Advising is the centerpiece of Kent School's Residential Life Program. The advisor is the first point of contact between a family and the School. Advisors work in partnership with parents to support all facets of their student's life at Kent School. Open communication from the advisor to parents is the key to making the partnership as successful as it can be. In developing this partnership, parents and their student's advisor should work out early in their relationship the parameters of their communication, knowing that daily communication is atypical in a boarding school environment.

In most cases, students are assigned advisors who are affiliated with their dormitory. The School makes every effort to assign new students an advisor who lives in their dormitory. Faculty affiliated with a particular dormitory comprise that dormitory's advising team. Advising teams meet weekly to discuss the life of the dormitory in general and the needs of individual students in particular. In this way, advising teams provide an additional network of support for our students. Dorm Heads coordinate and manage the dorm teams while the Director of Residential Life oversees the advising program in its entirety.